Magento eCommerce Development

2 years ago I choose to specialise in Magento development. I have built upon all my PHP experience to become an expert in Magento.

I now have excellent knowledge of the Magento codebase and can tailor a Magento site to an exact specification.

Custom to fit needs

I can customise your Magento site to your exact requirements whether that be adding more B2B functionality, or specific design requirements or maybe the site needs to work with an existing Xpos or PIM.


I work closely with a few designers so that it gives me time to concentrate on development. If you have your own design you will just need to provide me with the PSD files and I will be able to build a Magento theme.


It is important that a Magento site is built in a way so that it is scalable. I ensure that sites will be able to cope with a substantial increase in catalogue size and traffic.


I work with clients to ensure orders and sales are as they should be. Optimisations can be made in the checkout and cart to ensure conversion rates are at the optimum level. Custom reports can be created to identity changes in sales which may identify any issues.


Magento is a very large application and in the wrong hands can have a lot of performance issues. I can use various optimisation techniques to ensure your Magento site is quick and efficient. Some of these methods include but are not limited to...

  • Knowing how to create extensions properly so that they do not cause memory issues.
  • Knowing the Magento configuration settings very well allows various existing optimisations to be used.
  • Code optimisations in the PHP code and the frontend html and assets will create speed improvements on a Magento site.
  • Server optimisations such as caching will allow a Magento site to perform better.

Migrating your old data

One of the most important steps in an eCommerce build is adding the data. Whether it be migrating data from an existing site or a new build, the products will need added to the site. I have worked on many data migrations where i have written scripts to help import the data easily via CSV files.

Magento API Integrations

Many Magento sites will require some sort of integration with a third party system whether it be a stock system, Xpos, PIM or even CRM. I have worked with many of these types of integration and can build a custom API integration based on your individual requirements.

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Module Development

I split my code into small modules in order to make them re-usable and easy to read.

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Theme Development

All themes are 100% custom built by me. I never buy themes as I always prefer to add features as I need them so the themes aren't filled with unused code.

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Magento Support

Support packages are available after auditing the codebase.

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Magento Code Audits

I can audit your codebase using various tools and techniques. I can then produce a report detailing issues and improvements which could be made to the code.

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